Earn money by providing coaching services on the platform. You can choose to setup a dedicated session or a group session.


Connect with the teacher using either zoom, google meet, skype. You can choose either a dedicated session or shared session


Connect with professional teachers across the globe. Create a personalized learning schedule for your child to get the best results.


Personalized learning is an educational approach that aims to customize learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills and interests.

How to Start ?

Step 1: Register on the platform for free.

Step 2: Update your profile.

Set your tutor profile. Describe what grades and subjects you can teach, how much experience you have etc.

Step 3: Publish your schedule.

As a tutor you can decide your own schedule and publish it on platform.

Step 4: Teach online and get paid.

Once students book your classes on our platform, you will be notified. Use tool of your choice to conduct online classes and get paid.

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Important Steps to choose the Right Stream after Class 10th

If you are in Class 10 or would be soon, the one important decision that you need to take is which stream you would choose after your Class 10 Board exams. You would realize that after the class 10 board exams, you are at the first important crossroads in your career. What would you do…

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Exam Hall Tips

Exam Hall Tips to empower you to deliver the Best Results

Whether it is a competitive exam, a board exam, or a normal school exam, you would agree how you perform during the 2 or 3 hours of examination in many ways has serious implications for your future. You might have slogged all around the year but how you deliver in the examination hall is what…

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Online Education

How to Find the Right Online Tutor in India?

If you are a parent to a young child, we are sure that educating him or her properly is a top priority for you. When it comes to India, you would realize that private tuition goes a long way to enhance the possibilities for your child to score high in the exams. You would also…

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Skill -oriented learning has quite been the hot – topic in the field of education for a considerable period. The schools’ curricula have been discussed and debated time and again to usher relevant modifications attuned to the wholesome development of students. Skill-oriented learning is one of such changes that has been attempted or accomplished most…

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Online Learning


The advent of E-learning has enabled global networking between teachers and students regardless of territories and time-zones. It is also seen skeptically as a reliable and robust alternative for institutional education. On various grounds, especially related to the importance of environment and experience in learning, the premises strongly advocating only institutional education seem credible enough….

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Why is it important to learn a second language

Language has undergone immense evolution from symbolism to scripting. Primarily, the need to communicate inspired its invention. The motive remained common, while the manifestations varied. Today, we have about six thousand five hundred spoken languages across the world. Languages not only grew in number but also strengthened in accessibility. Through the written word especially, languages…

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Education Is Your Door to the Future

Professional Tutors

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think. The important thing is not to stop questioning, curiosity has its own reason for existing. If you want to master something, teach it. – Allow student to teach. These are the core principle on which I educate people. Mankind has to…

This is Priyanka Manuja, who is passionate about teaching and have been teaching since last seven years, I love teaching kids who are curious to know things all the time, I make use of power point presentation and white board to teach and my sessions are always interactive, I also include fun things like videos…

Hi. I am a post-graduate from a reputed college in Dubai. I am a mentor and a coach for the last ten years. I have started tutoring lower and middle-class students in the last two years in various settings like individual and small groups. I am patient and a go-getter. I believe every child is…









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