Globalization as a phenomenon was mostly studied for its economic repercussions. Over the years though, its socio -political manifestations have also gained center stage and become hot topics of research and analysis. Not only markets and corporations but also the education sector navigated places and transcended boundaries.

Knowledge specific to the legacies of east and west saw a booming exchange. Today, Sanskrit features as a language for study in western curriculums and English is taught and learned across the globe as a language of ‘global communication’. This intermingling of cultures, languages and knowledge is a constant process that has eventually led to the rise of another trend called global tutorship.

The field of education has seen remarkable convergence. There are countless portals offering courses, both long term and short term under the guidance of tutors from across the globe. Some benefits of getting access to global tutors can be listed as follows: –


This one is the most obvious. Wish to do a course in IT from a US Based University? Well, certainly migrating to the States and settling there for attaining the desired outcome shall cost a bomb and hence require thorough discussions with family and friends. Even if it is affordable for some, there are multiple considerations before deciding to leave one’s own comfort zone and carving out another.

Here steps the quick fix. Global tutors. Getting access to an expert from across the continent at comparatively very reasonable costs is a boon in disguise. You get the best of instruction for academic as well as non- academic courses, from the best of educators. Geography doesn’t remain a barrier.


The reason why we see people putting in so much thought into making choices related to education is mostly linked to the quality of pedagogy and curriculum that a college or University offers.

It’s a fact that the culture and history of the place we live in largely influences a lot of what we get to study and get exposed to. Ofcourse,contemporary times have changed in this regard a lot and become more seamless in intercommunicability of cultures but yet, we get to see countless variations in the Examination patterns and teaching methodologies of Universities. Just like geography, even legacy or culture per se, cannot and should not stand in the way of anyone seeking variety. Again, enters Global tutor.

Interaction with an instructor whose academic background varies from oneself is a wonderful opportunity to leverage. It enables the student to understand a certain subject topic from a different angle and in a different way. The liberty of making a choice about the kind pedagogy one wants to receive is not just significant but also much needed. Therefore, accessibility to Global tutors facilitates this freedom for students.


In a traditional tuition class, the students are still made to operate in an environment where excellence in performance alone makes them top notch. Those who ‘fail’ are work harder and sometimes even put in a separate class of ‘slow learners’. Whatever maybe the reasons for this segregation and pattern, the environment of competition persists over every possibility of ‘relaxed learning’. A global tutor gives you personalized attention and quality instruction regardless of ‘what is your rank in the tuition class?’. This feeling of being average or below average is not reinforced every moment which is extremely important.

In conclusion, this is much-needed accessibility for growth and exposure. Not only does it facilitate fitting alternatives but also enables freedom of choice for students, significantly.

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