Online Learning


The advent of E-learning has enabled global networking between teachers and students regardless of territories and time-zones. It is also seen skeptically as a reliable and robust alternative for institutional education. On various grounds, especially related to the importance of environment and experience in learning, the premises strongly advocating only institutional education seem credible enough….

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Why is it important to learn a second language

Language has undergone immense evolution from symbolism to scripting. Primarily, the need to communicate inspired its invention. The motive remained common, while the manifestations varied. Today, we have about six thousand five hundred spoken languages across the world. Languages not only grew in number but also strengthened in accessibility. Through the written word especially, languages…

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EDUCATION: a tool to empower, not discriminate

Every individual human being is born with potential and purpose. It is the environmental situations, backgrounds and circumstances that create disparities in the levels of realization of this potential and its achievement. The most important requisite for leading a life directed towards accomplishing personal aspirations is empowerment. Empowerment is not a privilege or a grant…

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