We are in the New Year 2021, and it brings for us renewed hopes that the tyranny of the past year is finally behind us. The past year was challenging for all. The outbreak of the COVID 19 Corona Virus pandemic caused great turmoil all across the globe.

Not only was it a great health hazard, claiming the lives of many. However, along with the same, it also caused plenty of economic damage. With social distancing becoming the new normal, we are headed for new emerging trends in the times ahead.

The Latest Emerging Trends in the New Normal- Online Tutoring

With the COVID Vaccine now finally out, all of us are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the nightmare that we have been through is finally over. Hopefully, we are finally moving into times when the pandemic is over, but the changes it brought in our day-to-day lives may be here to stay.

Out of the many emerging trends Work from Home has become popular. But along with the same, we have seen online schooling has gained prominence. The popularity of online tutoring too has emerged as a popular trend too.  So if you are a parent to young children who are looking to provide your child with tuitions for his or her education, online tutoring is worth considering at present.

Trends of Online Education and Tutoring in India

You would realize that technology and the internet have a profound impact on our daily lives now. When we speak of online segments, education has surely become one of the hottest segments for growth, success, and revenue. The trends in terms, of Indian online tutoring, are loud and clear, and experts estimate that it is likely to touch 5 % of our country’s total GDP of the current year. 

Studies in the field reveal that currently, a whopping 30% of India’s total students are using some online application or portals to learn from them. Much of this new emerging trend has to do with the rapid penetration of the internet even in the quite isolated and rural parts of India.

Offline to Online Tutoring

There is no denying the fact that tuitions to support what is being taught at school is an integral part of most students in India. It is not only for the regular studies at school but also for appearing for competitive exams like Engineering, Medical, and others.

Many students find it very helpful, with the tips that are provided along with mock tests and so on. But we can now see a clear shift from the offline mode to the online mode. It is on account of this that many of the big names in training, are gaining rapid ground. It is not without reason that this clear shift is happening. After all, the benefits that online tutoring offers both for students, as well as teachers, are difficult to match. Let us take a look at some important ones:


Now that the studying pressure on students is so intense, they need some flexibility intuitions is a must. With online tutoring, they are often able to attend the classes at flexible times, based on mutual convenience. Offline tuition can hardly match this convenience.

Frees from the trouble of commuting

With offline tuitions held at a particular location, commuting to them may be very time consuming and hassle for many students. Online does away with the need to travel and attend. It is very convenient for both the trainers as well the students and they can make more productive use of their time instead of wasting the precious time wasted for traveling.


The need to travel to a physical class for most students might involve heavy transportation costs as well. With online tutoring, this unnecessary need is easily done away with.

Better Understanding

The latest technology and applications enable students to learn well. They, as a result, can have a better understanding of Online Tutoring.

The Tutors perspective in the new Tutoring era

Now even online tutors are starting to reap the rewards of the latest web applications. Research in the field shows that as much as 50% of tutors and teachers have either started using the renowned tutoring platforms for tutoring. It is also being seen that now many of the young graduates are now taking up online tutoring as a great way to make a handsome income.

Thus all in all, in this new age, where technology is most dominant like never before online tutoring is here to stay. So, if you are a student who is looking for tuitions or if you want to teach something know well, you need to unlock the many benefits that online tutoring now offers.

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