If you are in Class 10 or would be soon, the one important decision that you need to take is which stream you would choose after your Class 10 Board exams. You would realize that after the class 10 board exams, you are at the first important crossroads in your career.

What would you do next? Will you take the road that would cause less stress, less studying, or would you travel the extra mile to achieve your career dreams come true?  Perhaps, it would be the first time that you would take an important decision. But at the same time, you better get it right. The reason is that unless it is right it may be very frustrating for you in the later part of your life. 

With the cut-throat competition that is prevalent now, you need to have a clear career goal right from the beginning. But to shape your career rightly you need to make the very first step right and it comes with your choosing the right stream. Here are some important tips that would help your cause.

Find Out the Subjects you Love

To enable you to decide on the choice of your stream, the first and foremost thing that you need to find out is what are the subjects that you like or love. You need to realize that every student has a unique set of strengths, skills, and weaknesses. So, what you like and do well in may be different from your friends.

There is every possibility that you would do well in the subjects that you love. Thus, it makes perfect sense that you choose the stream that offers the subjects you love. Once you have identified the field you love, you would be ready to put in all the effort and hard work. As a result, you would be able to excel in the same and achieve all the career success you seek.

The 3 Streams you need to choose from

  1. Science

When it comes to choosing a stream for the 10 +2 education, the Science stream is very popular indeed. Here the students have various lucrative options. In this stream, you have to take at least 6 subjects, which includes one compulsory language subject. There are many options in this stream which include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, IT, electronics, Computer Science, etc.

Once you pass the class 10 board exams you could appear for the engineering entrance exams or the medical field. Apart from this, you could even choose to go for graduation in the core Science subjects as well. Thus, you have many career options here.

  • Arts/ Humanities

Now even in the Arts or Humanities Stream too you could have some innovative and interesting subject combinations. Here too, much like other streams you have to opt for at least 6 subjects wherein there is a compulsory language paper. Apart from this, you could choose from a wide range of subjects like History, Geography, Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy and many more. You need to check your personal interest level or preference before choosing.

With the new education system now, even in the arts/humanities stream, you could have various career options. You need to follow your heart.

  • Commerce

When it comes to choosing streams, Commerce is also highly popular. It is a stream wherein the students have many career options too. Apart from one language being compulsory in the Commerce stream, the other major subjects in the stream include Accountancy, Business Study and Economics.

Once you have passed out the class 12 in the commerce stream you could pursue various careers. It is seen that many students that along with BCom, also start preparing for the Chartered Accountancy or Cost Accountancy. Some even choose to go for Company Secretary career.  Some can choose to go for MBA and other Finance related careers like Investment Banking and so on. The career options in this stream are endless. But you need to identify what best suits you and thereafter you need to decide according to your career preferences.

Unlike in the past, where there was a common notion that students in the Science stream have the brightest careers, everything has changed. You could pursue other streams as well and do very well. Everything depends on no matter what you pursue how well you can do that.

Thus, you need to find out true passion and thereby pursue the same with everything that you have. Another important aspect that needs to be taken into account is the fact that you need to decide on your career plan from the beginning and thereafter work out your plan. It is what would be the key for you to choose the right stream for you after class 10.

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