Tutors FAQs

Once you register as a tutor, fill in your experience, qualifications, and subjects you are offering to tutor. Provide your available time slots. Parents or students in parallel register and search for tutors that offer tuition for the subject and time slots that work for them. If it matches with what you have to offer, they can connect with you for further inquiry.

Yes, tutors can offer discounted or free lessons for students/parents to try out.

Yes, students/parents can post what they are looking for and tutors can connect with them for customized learning.

Tutors can teach local and international students.

Tutors will be paid at the end of the month. It will be a monthly cycle.

To cancel sessions students and tutors need to give minimum 24 hr notice or forfeit the tuition/payment.

Above is correct. If the tutor cancels a class or is a no-show he will not be paid and students will be reimbursed. Also, if the tutor does that more than ‘x’ times then we will mark him as unverified and if the behavior continues, he will be removed from the platform

No need to stick to a syllabus. Tutor and students/parents can agree on a plan.

You may choose to discontinue,, but Tutor and students, alike, need to notify each other for all booked and/or paid sessions.

Yes, you need a strong internet connection and your own device.

Payment support, tech support

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Parents FAQs

List of subjects offered by tutors are listed here: (link to the page?)

Tutors may offer group sessions. Initially the max group size will be 4

Students/parents can try out the introductory sessions that tutors may offer

Tutors may opt for demo sessions

No need to follow any syllabus. Parents/Teacher/Students will agree on the coursework.

Tutors will be paid monthly. Students need to pay when they book the class. They have the option to signup for either a subscription or individual class

You are free to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Tutors offer an evaluation session to understand student’s strength and area where they need more help. Based on the evaluations, parents/students and tutors can mutually agree on personalized learning goals.

Teaching is an art. Also, not every tutor will connect with every student. It is upto the student, parent and teacher to make sure that they are getting the most out of it.

ProTutor will do the background check to make sure that the teacher is legitimate. Each tutor is expected to fill out the necessary details related to his work experience etc. Students can select the teacher of their choice.

It is upto the teacher, parent and student to decide that.

You can contact us via email and we will take the necessary actions.

This is a global platform. Teachers from all over the world will be connected.

Parents and tutors can mutually agree on assessing student’s progress

Omit the first question. Answer to the second question – English will be the primary language for coaching.

Tutor will define the schedule and the student will signup for that schedule.

You have the option to change tutor whenever you want. There are many tutors on the platform.

You can connect us via email/fb or whatsapp

We are a platform to connect students and tutors across the globe

There are many online tutoring services but nothing that addresses the need to create specialized tutoring experience for the student.

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